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Join the Online Community with Gino, Julia and the Franciscan Friars of The Renewal and learn all of the recipes from the Book. 


While we wanted to call this category, sharing we feel it's truly educational for parents. From video courses and ebooks, to our popular blog, you can look forward to informative content regularly to bring into your home. 

Gardening products and tools


Having excellent products in your home shouldn't come at a cost. Gino and Julia designed and have manufactured products they use in their home. In the garden or kitchen, you'll love our product line.  


Gino Barbaro is not only a successful self-made entrepreneur,  father of six home-schooled kids and loving husband, he's also a life coach certified by IPEC, one of the most prestigious agencies in the world.   

"To gather families around the dinner table by educating them on how to

grow their own fresh vegetables and teaching them how to cook with their kids through utilizing the 7 Cs: Commitment, Cultivating, Cutting, Cooking, Consuming, Composting, And Coaching."

Our goal is simple, to help families enjoy their time together and create stronger bonds with their children

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